Elevate Smart Coffee - people are raving about this product; responses like �Wow!�, �Life-Changing�, �How do I get more?!�, �I�ve got so much focus, clarity & energy�, �I have lost weight�, just  to name a few. Each person seems to have their own unique experience, and now that you have had a chance to try it, here is our opportunity to order yourself more.

By going through my link you can save MONEY by having a SMART SHIP order...  ELEVACITY SMART COFFEE is only about $1.50 a day. 

You can take the coffee 3 different ways:
1. 10-12 oz of hot water and stir
2. Add it to decaf coffee
3. Add it to your regular coffee.

Add your favorite Cream, Sugar, or Flavored Creamer.

(1 packet = 1 serving, but if you are sensitive to caffeine, use half a packet to start)

To Enroll as a Customer go to:
Choose Smart Coffee, then click BUY

For DISTRIBUTOR startup packs go to:
Then click �join� and pick one of the three packs to get started

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