Purchase Procedures

1.    CAHP* Licensee downloads property list from password protected DealWiz website with Contract for Deed financing (CFD*) and/or cash price. List is an EXCEL spreadsheet and will automatically download to your computer when the correct password is entered... You must have EXCEL installed on your computer.

2.    CAHP Licensee will call the Asset Manager (AM) at [phone number available to Members only] and identify themselves as a Lou Brown CAHP Licensee to get lock box info for any house they wish to inspect.

3.    Asset Manager will get your name, phone number, email, address and copy of ID before they will give out the property lock box code.

4.    It is preferred that the Asset Manager be on the phone with the CAHP Licensee when they walk through the house if the timing of the site visit allows, this is so the Asset Manager can get immediate feedback and to insure that the property is properly secured after they leave.

5.    If CAHP Licensee likes the house they can purchase for cash or CFD by submitting an offer to the Asset Manager.

CASH SALE: Asset Manager will need name for deed, address and phone number.

1.    Complete contract via Right Signature.

2.    Buyer wires payment (preferred) or mails certified funds.

3.    Seller returns deed to buyer via priority mail once funds are received.

4.    Buyer is responsible to record the deed and pay any fees associated with the recording.

CFD (like AFD) PURCHASE: Asset Manager will work with CAHP Licensee to complete the application.

1.    Application emailed to CAHP Licensee.

2.    CAHP Licensee returns application and deposit to Seller.

3.    Seller approves the application and then emails contract and papers to CAHP Licensee.

4.    CAHP Licensee signs and returns documents to Seller. Some documents must be notarized and all documents should be sent via USPS Priority Mail with tracking number.

5.    Seller signs contracts and returns a fully executed copy to the CAHP Licensee.

6.    Seller's Contract Servicer contacts CAHP Licensee to notify them of where to send monthly payments.

7.    Once the CAHP Licensee has paid off the loan the CAHP Licensee will receive the deed from Seller.

8. Buyer is responsible to record the deed and pay any fees associated with the recording.

Disclosures and Disclaimers 

1.    Seller has performed significant due diligence and research on most properties. Buyer is responsible to confirm any information provided by Seller including but not limited to property condition, property taxes, municipal liens and outstanding code violations. 

2.    The prices shown are lower to significantly lower than other advertised prices for the same property and any property viewed is subject to being bought by any other buyer at any time until the property is contracted for. 

3.    All property purchases are subject to a buyer’s premium marketing fee of $1,500

4.    Street Smart Systems, LLC is not liable for any representations, warranties (either stated or implied) and is not acting as a real estate broker or agent in any transaction between interested parties, including any Seller(s) or any Buyer(s). Street Smart Systems, LLC is receiving a marketing fee to market to a closed buyers club. Seller participates in a portion of the above buyer's premium marketing fee.

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* Abbreviations Used:

AM = Asset Manager

CAHP = Certified Affordable Housing Provider

CFD = Contract for Deed (Also known as Agreement for Deed)

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