1031 IRS Code Help

ExchangeWiz has been showing investors how to buy & sell real estate Tax FREE for more than thirty years.

Section 1031 of the IRS code lets you sell a property and buy a new property without paying any taxes but you must use an accommodator to comply with the rules. That's where ExchangeWiz comes in.

Gain Peace of Mind� Be certain the firm you choose has a  Security Guarantee. 

Today's uncertain times require prudence and judgment when selecting an exchange accommodator. But how do you know the criteria to select the right one?

Learn about all the different types of exchangeable investment properties. ExchangeWiz can help identify the types you might want to invest in and plan a strategy that works for you!


Join our new service, ExchangeWiz, and use its resources & tools to guide you through your exchange easily! Your documents are created instantly 24/7 and sent to your closing agent automatically! ExchangeWiz works with your team to get your exchange processed.

ExchangeWiz� has saved thousands of investors time, money and stress by helping them through every step of their 1031 exchange.

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