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Here you will find a representation of the various relationships we have established throughout the industry that we considered to be “best in classʺ with the best business practices and great pricing only available for Street Smart® clients. These are not all of the Wiz’s as some are exclusive only available to Certified Affordable Housing Providers®. Join the growing network of CAHP’s and truly enhance your business with our amazing brand that helps you in ‘Doing Good While Doing Well™’. Visit CertifiedAffordableHousingProvider.com and learn more about this amazing opportunity to advance your business, achieve higher success and more profit.

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You need a domain (web address) for your new websites. YOU should be the only one to own your address. Order now for less than typical domain pricing.

WebWiz™ — Your complete website solution including public buying, public selling and even your borrowing website. These leads go into a private 'back office' where you can sift, sort, evaluate and even communicate with them. (Set up Included in CAHP pkg)

A full automated lead management phone system with pre-recorded real estate scripts, 800#, local numbers, online document storage and a whole lot more. (Set up Included in CAHP pkg)

Complete the two part training and testing needed for your CAHP certification... Requires:

l Millionaire Jump Start - attend the 3-day live training, and;

l Affordable Housing Provider - watch the 3-day field training on DVD... then pass the short certification test to qualify for upgrade to all the Certified Affordable Housing Provider® specialized marketing and credibility building tools... (included in the CAHP package)

Once you are a Street Smart® licensee you will know the incredible value and intelligence in having a brand along with the right Tools. Training, Technology and Team™ to get your business up, running and profitable. It's likely you know others who could benefit by building a business this way as well. The more there are in a market the better as everyone benefits from the marketing and camaraderie. Refer them to us and make money!

Our system allows you to monetize your business early. Sell Credit restoration to your prospects created by your House Monster® marketing system. Become an agent and make even more as you show others how they can build a business offering your Passport To Financial Freedom through MWR Financial.

Access to many free or almost free sites are located at FindWiz. We have accumulated many links to help you build your business. Access is free for our Street Smart® website customers.

Access to multiple business funding sources - at no cost to you until you receive added funding.

Next Buy your Logo Wear. Wear it proudly wherever you go and be astonished how often you'll get leads from it. Choose from Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets - pretty much everything in most colors!

Get your selling (finding buyers and renters) marketing going. Order all printed materials. Begin with all House Monster® marketing materials. These include handouts, Uncle Sam Bucks, Referral Reward bucks, 6 panel, full-color brochures that fully explain your buying and selling businesses in detail. Great for retail locations and to give to prospects. The Selling brochure is available in Spanish as well.


Now you either have or are generating leads from Sellers. Comparable sales data helps determine the value of a property. Good comps are critical. There is a difference between data sources so use the ones the appraisers use! Click icon to join the service we use almost daily...


So if some comps are good, then more is even better! We teach that deciding value is subjective and requires as much good data as you can get. We look at two or three sources to confirm and to find others not found by the other services. Now the icing on the cake is this one has SOOO many good things in addition to comps including ACCESS to the MLS! And foreclosure list and default lists within a given area and soo much more. So watch the webinar to learn more. We LOVE this too!

No one will question you as an authority when they see you in print. Click here to learn how you can be an author in already published books! One for buying, one for selling. Your own chapter in both the Doing Good While Doing Well book as well as you as the author of the Path To Home Ownership book. Great credibility as a local expert. These two books allow back up proof with sellers, lenders, government and buyers. Key tool to 'get the money!'

DealWiz includes a network of national leaders in the purchase of foreclosed homes from banks and financial institutions. These companies purchase homes in bulk and pass these discounts on to you as Certified Affordable Housing Providers®.

Long-term financing for you and your buyers. Your own 'in-house' consultant will guide you on how to quickly and easily underwrite your clients so they can buy your properties. Including FHA, VA and Conventional financing.

You can do social media yourself - but it will cost you - time, energy and distraction. This Wiz will do it for you and does a fantastic job.

Leads are the life blood of your company. Direct mail is working better than anything. The right, tested words are essential. We have an advanced service to use when you have the funds and business foundation to handle this truly set it and forget it system. MailWiz 2.0 is from a different supplier than MailHomeWiz and is for the real players who want a lot more highly qualified leads. It gets your list, mails it, answers the calls, gets the info and tracks results using the best tested copy anywhere. Obviously you can potentially do more deals with these highly qualified leads.

Look the part - your vehicle - and others too - should exude the look and feel of a highly successful and dependable business. Wrapping looks sharp and includes al complete design for any vehicle you have (makes it a tax write off too!).

1031 tax deferred exchanges have been approved by the IRS for decades. Save huge taxes by exchanging some or all of your profits into more real estate. You'll need an intermediary and we've found an expert that can help.

We encourage collaboration and all-for-one and one-for-all support among local licensees. When a territory reaches a certain size we'll be able to offer a successful licensee the opportunity to support all licensees within that area. More support = more success. Yeah Baby!

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One if the things you should enjoy is this beautiful world God has created. Rest and Relation is vital to keep you sharp and excited. Quarterly vacations is the goal. Use this great benefit of your FES Protection Plan Plus to access heavily discounted travel.

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