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What do real estate investors always need?

Answer: Deals and financing!

What does DealWiz offer?

Answer: Deals and financing!

DealWiz provides -

access to cash wholesale deals significantly below the asking price

access to wholesale deals significantly below asking price with 15 or 30 year financing

access to the above seller financing with very low down payment

Special DealWiz Bonus: LeadWiz -

access to vacant property Leads within your target market including the new address of the owner.

access to potential probate Leads within your local market... and more.

All at only 50™ per record! Click Here to submit requests*
* Must be a DealWiz member
** DealWiz rebate does not apply to deals obtained through LeadWiz.

As a Certified Affordable Housing Provider (CAHP) candidate you are qualified to join the DealWiz club!

If you purchased the CAHP Package in 2015 or later, DealWiz is included in your package! For those who purchased their CAHP Package earlier than 2015 (and paid less) DealWiz access is not included in your package. Upgrade Now! For just a $1,495 initiation fee you get full access to deals at significantly lower prices than the advertised prices on the same properties which are available all across the country. With the very first deal you buy you'll get full credit of your original $1,495 initiation fee. 

How can you go wrong?

We offer the very lowest price possible and you simply add a $1,500 finders fee to the price of any deal you buy.

Now you can bid for deals before the bank releases them to others!

Our DealWiz supplier is now giving you access to their bid list. This means you can bid through their already established relationship with lenders. The requirements are simple:

1)  Find properties you want on the bid list

2)  Enter bid price

3)  Submit 50% of your bid price to xxx no later than 10th of the month

4)  You will be notified around 20th of the month of all the accepted bids

5)  You will then pay the remaining 50% to the above

6)  Then they will close out the transaction with the lender and you will receive the Quit-Claim deed.

Disclaimer: They are happy to answer any questions. This is not for everyone. If you have concerns then this added benefit may not be for you. Proceed at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the property condition, deed marketability, or the suitability of any property for your portfolio. Bid according to the risk you perceive.

Join NOW and gain immediate access to the latest list that changes as often as every day. You must be a Certified Affordable Housing Provider (CAHP) to join the DealWiz club... call 1-800-578-8580 to obtain your access password.


What is DealWiz?

DealWiz has established a network of national leaders in the purchase of foreclosed homes from banks and financial institutions. These companies purchase homes in bulk and pass these discounts on to you as Certified Affordable Housing Providers (CAHPs). 

What types of homes does DealWiz sell and where are they located?

DealWiz sellers offer homes in all price ranges with most typically priced under $50,000. They currently have properties available in over 30 states.

Why are these homes so cheap? How is this possible?

Amazingly, many of the homes our sellers sell previously sold from 5 to 7 years ago for between $100,000 and $200,000. Due to the massive amount of foreclosures which took place over the last few years banks are now literally selling them for pennies on the dollar. Our seller™s long standing relationships with lending institutions and their ability to fund large bulk purchases of homes allow them to purchase at huge discounts and in turn sell at discounts to the public and even larger discounts to CAHPs.

Why do CAHP's get a break?

CAHP's earn two very valuable breaks. Lower prices and the possibility of financing on most deals. They offer this because there are a large number of CAHP's located throughout the country instead of one location and because you are all part of the same network. Also they consider trained CAHP's to be a better risk than the average Joe, so they are willing to offer financing as well. This makes marketing easier for these type sellers allowing them to move more properties more quickly allowing them to buy more at lower prices.

Why do I need to buy a membership?

Street Smart Systems is charging a one-time fee to pay for the internal bandwidth to administer this program and grow it for the benefit of all the members. You will be refunded this fee when you buy your first property through this network.

Are there any other fees I will have to pay?

Yes, there is a 'Buyer's Premium' of $1,500 added to the purchase of each property, paid in cash at the time of the purchase. 

What is the physical condition of the property?

The properties offered through DealWiz™ come in various conditions. You must do all of your own due diligence™ which includes touring the property and inspecting it to make sure you are fully aware of the condition and any physical defects. You are welcome to have someone else do this for you and assume all risk of the quality and completeness of that inspection. Our Seller will make available to you any information they have about the property, however neither Street Smart nor the seller make any disclosures, representations or warranties as to the condition.

Can I select my area?

Deals come in as often as daily and are spread all across the country. There is no protected territory and we cannot guarantee that any deals will become available in your area.

Can I put in an order?

You are free to tell us the area and price range of property you would be willing to buy. This will be provided to our sellers and they can submit to asset managers for possible addition to their buys, however there can be no promises as to whether or when properties will be available in any specific locations.

Are there back taxes, liens or encumbrances on the property?

Since these properties have recently gone through the foreclosure process, most liens have been wiped out. Liens that may still be against the property are delinquent and current taxes if any, delinquent water bills (in certain areas) and housing code violations. Our seller is happy to share any information they have obtained in prior research relating to liens, back taxes, etc, however DealWiz does not make any representations or guarantees as to whether they are correct or complete. We recommend you do your own due diligence to confirm any information provided by the seller. If you have further concerns you can order a title report which the seller can assist you in obtaining. Title reports generally run between $150 and $300 depending upon location of the property and title company.

What are my options for purchasing?

When purchasing through DealWiz two methods of purchase are offered™ Cash or Seller Financing. 

Cash for deed is the easiest, simplest and most affordable method. Our sellers are able to give you the best possible pricing this way. They accept wire transfer, certified bank check, or Pay Pal. 

Seller Financing (Agreement for Deed, land contract or contract for deed) is also available on many properties if you are unable to come up with the entire cash price at once. Our seller is willing to work with you to find the terms that best fit your needs. There are no pre-payment penalties. Your monthly payments, which include taxes, are typically far less than average rent in the neighborhood, making this an incredible opportunity for renters to become home owners. while you make a good income for yourself. 'Doing Good While Doing Well*tm'

I am an all cash buyer. What are my options regarding title and deeds?

Most DealWiz buyers obtain title through a Quit Claim Deed. This is how our seller receives most titles from the banks and how they transfer them to their buyers in most cases. There is a deed recording fee contingent on the municipality where the property is located. Recording your deed is your cost. The other option is to obtain a special or limited warranty deed through a full attorney or title company closing, in which case you can obtain title insurance from your title company. For full title insurance closings, the seller charges an additional $395 transaction fee and you are responsible for all charges by the title company. In addition, you are responsible for all closing costs related to the title company or closing attorney. 

What is a Quit Claim Deed? 

A Quit Claim Deed essentially transfers whatever rights the existing owner/grantor has in the property, but includes no guarantees that clear title exists. Quit Claim Deeds do not guarantee the title is clear of liens, such as tax liens, mortgage liens, mechanics liens and the like, or that there are not other owners on title as well as the grantor. The interest the grantor (seller) has is what the grantee (buyer) gets. Quit claim deeds are by far the easiest, quickest, and least expensive to use, and require little professional assistance.

What is a special or limited warranty deed?

A special or limited warranty deed is less protective to the buyer than a general warranty deed. The grantor of a special warranty deed conveys the property with two warranties: that he or she received the title to the property; and, that the property was not encumbered during his or her ownership. The grantor of a special warranty deed warrants the title only against his or her own omissions and/or defects, and warrants nothing pertaining to the title prior to his or her possession.

What does it take to qualify for the financing?

The stated down payment plus proof of income of 4 times the monthly payment™ however, there are some exceptions to the income based on down payment and other factors, so if you have the down payment and a plan for the property, then complete the application and make an offer.

What are the terms of the financing?

15 or 30 years depending on the down payment at 12% interest. Offers with different terms will be considered. There is No pre‑payment penalty. Any wrap, or other resell terms etc., must be approved by the company. Approval is not difficult as seller understands that most of their contract for deed notes will be wrapped into a subsequent sale and 99% of the time these will be approved.

How is the deal structured?

The sellers offer seller financing using Agreement for Deeds, Land Contracts and Contracts for Deed. Once you have completed the terms of the contract (pay it off) the seller will forward a deed to you. They will convey the same type deed that the banks and mortgage companies used to convey the property to them, which is usually a quit claim or special warranty deed. There may be a nice spread to be made by converting a quit claim deed to a warranty deed due to the benefit of time passing and no claims from others being raised.

When do I get my deed if I start with an Agreement for Deed?

As with all Agreement For Deed sales, the deed to the property remains in the Seller™s name until the terms of the contract have been satisfied. The deed is then transferred into the buyer™s name. You have the option to pre-pay at anytime or make additional payments to reduce principal without penalty. The seller will consider having this deed placed into escrow if you want to arrange it with a licensed escrow agent and pay the corresponding fees.

Are there Dodd-Frank issues?

When the transaction is business to business then Dodd-Frank rules do not apply. You are subject to them if you sell on terms to a buyer who plans to occupy the home. There are no issues if your buyer is buying for cash or obtaining a new loan from a different lender.

How can I view a property I am interested in?

Once you have located a home of interest, click to call the toll free number to speak with the Asset Manager for that property™ the Asset Manager will make arrangements for you to view the property at your convenience. 

How is the paperwork processed? 

Cash contracts are executed electronically via RightSignature. Contracts for Agreement For Deed seller financing require a notary and are emailed to the buyer for signature and then the buyer returns the completed paperwork to the seller™s office for completion of the contract.

How can I sell a deal outside of my market?

Using the Internet and our Work-For-Equity system along with our Owner Financing ™ Agreement For Deed system, you can market to users, wholesalers, and local investors in that market.

Fantastic! How do I join DealWiz? I want to see the latest list!

Simply Click Here to join.

I have more questions, who do I call?

Seriously? You have more questions :). Of course we are willing to help... submit your questions by email to or Call 1-800-578-8580.

I found a deal I want what do I do next?

Simply click the "Submit Offer" button (requires a password - issued once you become a member of the DealWiz Buyers Club) on the "Procedures" page, complete the form and click send. You will be contacted by one of our friendly staff who will work with you to complete the transaction.

For more information click on the "Procedures" button below...


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